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Purchasing the Perfect Reptile Vivarium

A Reptile Vivarium is the first thing you should consider before housing a pet reptile in your home. It should be high-quality, escape proof and it should mirror the natural habitat of your pet.
The most cost-effective vivarium you could buy is a plastic one. Just make sure that your pet reptile is small and won’t grow to be so strong that it could destroy the vivarium. Glass vivariums, on the other hand, are perfect for reptiles that are used to natural habitats with water.
Both kinds should have a removable wire mesh top or a ventilation hood so your pet reptile can still breathe. You have the option to add a heating unit just in case the breed you chose needs it.
Aside from glass and plastic vivariums, there are also wire vivariums that are perfect for chameleons and bearded dragons if that’s your choice of pet.

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