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Why Do We Adore Cats So Much?

Aside from being cute and quiet, you don’t realise it but the reason why you like cats is because you want to be like them. Interesting, right? Let us explain more.
You never know what you want. Cats, on the other hand, are self-differentiated. They know what they want and they know who they want. They don’t want any kind of approval and all they need is occasional petting.
Another reason why you adore cats and want to be like them is because they never absorb the anxiety of others. They can put around you when you’re upset but they never let it get to them. In addition to this, cats know the perfect balance between being close and being distant. This is why you end up chasing after them rather than them chasing after you.
During rare times that cats experience anxiety, they handle it quite well that’s why you rarely see them upset!

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