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Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

There could be many reasons why your dogs wag their tails. It’s a social signal for them and it basically means that they’re interacting with you. Basically, tail wagging is a display of emotion. So if there is no one around, they don’t really feel the need to wag their tails.
You will need to consider three things when interpreting tail wagging.
First, notice the position of your fog’s tail. If the tail is high, it means your dog is being aggressive. If the tail is low, it means he is being submissive. This will pretty much give you an idea already of the mood of your dog.
Second, consider the movement of your dog’s tail. A movement to the right means your dog sees something pleasing while a movement to the left means your dog feels something negative or out of the ordinary.
Third, see how fast your dog’s tail wags. If it’s fast, it means he is excited. The slower it goes, the more insecure he feels.
Isn’t it amazing how the wagging of the tail of your dog can already say so much?

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