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Things to Do Before Owning Your First Fish Tank

Though it may not look like it, taking care of a fish is a big responsibility. You need to do your research extensively if you want your fishes to thrive in your tank.
The first thing to look into is the placement of your tank, make sure to place it in an area that is out of direct sunlight or away from any heaters or air conditioning systems. Next, take note that the proportion of 1 inch of fish should equate to a 1-gallon tank. So if your fish is 2 inches, you will need a 2-gallon tank.
Next, invest in the proper fish tank equipment such as filters, pumps and decorations that won’t hurt your fish. Don’t forget to buy fish food as well. Other than this, it’s all up to researching what kind of fish you want to own and getting to know them better and how you can better take care of them.

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